How many DRES / drone operator registrations to date?

have searched CAA websites but cannot find how many drones registered to date. Can anyone give me a hint? I am aware they say around 50000 were initially registered.

The true answer to this is 0 nil nada The Operator and or Flyer and what is registered :relaxed:


Nice response

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ok I worded it wrongly. How many registrations have there been to date. Clearer?

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I thought someone had given details of this elsewhere on the forum through the use of a FOI request but I can’t seem to find it now :thinking:

Will shout if I stumble across it again.

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So I’m not going mad, just yet, good!

Many thanks. I will continue to search.

I found this which lists only December 2019, might offer some insight though:

Between 1st Dec 2019 and 31st Dec 2019 how many people registered as drone operators where the £9 fee was payable?


Found it:

As at 2 January 2020 there have been 84,600 DRES registrations.




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Sorry my friend couldn’t resist must get with the lingo :wink: I had hoped to respond with an answer to suit your comments But I can’t find it

Trust me put my foot in my big mouth again :speak_no_evil:

@iGo-droning no problem. But well done Rich and thanks.

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