How many hours/ flight log/pfco

We are starting to use a drone for work, i am going through the. pfco now.
I have asked someone in admin to log the flight hours in our flight log.
How far back should we go? .

right so you start recording your hours properly after you have obtained your PfCO from the CAA

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I was under the impression that you needed so many hours in a 2 month period to keep it up, or something like that.


Do you mean after you have obtained your PfCO?

From the CAA website regarding renewals

For renewal applications we must see evidence of 2 hours unmanned aircraft flying (recreational or commercial) over the last 3 months for one of the nominated pilots. The evidence must show the dates and flight duration for each flight.

This can be indoor or simulator from what I am led to believe as weather is not always permitting. but still has to be logged.

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Yes Steve you are correct

Hi Alan

It’s not totally clear from your “I am going through the PfCO now”, but do you already have your PfCO? Or are you about to obtain it?

Im under the impression that he’s about to get it

I’ve done the theory with Icarus, waiting to do the practical.


Then you don’t have to log anything yet.


Alan, do you know that if you sit and obtain your PfCO before the 30th of November you get to skip sitting the online DRES test

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Gotta be worth the cost of the PFCO alone :o)



I didn’t and I’ve done both now.

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OK well congratulations on passing your PfCO

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