How many quads is too many?

Just wondering how many quads you all have? How many is too many?

I started out on this journey in April. I now have four built and mostly flying whoops and two builds, on the go. One of the 1S whoops will be going to my nephew, but in the end I will still probably have at least five in my fleet by Christmas (and I just bought a 4" frame to make something a bit bigger with, next year).

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Currently I’ve got
One EMAX Freestyle
Four 5”
Two 7”
One 8”
One 15”
DJI Mavic Pro

Yes, too many :laughing:


I will get my builds posted on there as and when i complete them. Probably only the Twig XL is ready to be assembled, so far. I have everything except props and a canopy for it, just need to solder it up.

I can personally vouch for this :laughing:

I went from getting my first FPV quad to having six (plus a DJI Mini) in about a year. Fortunately I think I’ve learned from my guitar problem (17 last count) and, while I do keep looking, I have no current desire to extend my fleet. I have plenty to cover my current needs for a day out. I could possibly end up with another whoop, depending on how things go this winter, and if money were no object I could definitely see me replacing the Mini with something more resilient/reliable and maybe an Avata but they’re definitely “pie in the sky” for now. :slight_smile:

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In order of getting…

(A few “play” indoor ones from menskind/red shop, etc as presents over the years)

eMax TinyHawk (now sold)
DJI Mavic Mini (now sold)
Self built 5 inch (lost on second outing!)
eMax TinyHawk II
Cinewhoop 8
Nebula 7 Lite
Rebuilt 5inch custom (Martian frame)
Emax Babyhawk 3inch
Darwin Tiny ape
ZoHD 250g Dart Wing
DJI Mini 2
BetaFPV Meteor 65 ELRS
7 Inch

like @Earwig I’m pretty happy with the fleet right now, spares and repairs, the 7 inch was got within this period, but it was thrust in my face 2 or 3 times with a price reduction in the end!! heh!

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And like bikes n+1 (where n is the number you own), is how many you need :wink:


The one that drops footballs :laughing: :laughing:

So… I started with a cheap-crap-o-line-of-sight-quad many years ago… lost it in a tree, got it out of a tree with an even longer pole than I have now… but then found it liked to always turn right. I stopped flying for about 10 years…

Then seeing I could, I built a 2" 3d printed drone, then a 3" printed drone. Then bought a 2nd hand 3" Gecko, then won a 4" Diatone Roma F4 on a Nick Burns give-away. Then built a 5" drone based on a frame and motors I was given. Then built a new 2" 3d printed whoop.

I also have a UZ65, which has been through a couple of VTXes and FCs and now is in a Mobula 6 frame. An analog Mobula6 and also an HDZero one.

The old 2" 3d printed quad got a new carbon frame and started to fly a lot better. I built a 5" long range quad based on the Armattan Badger frame, which became a 6". Now with HDZero.

The flight controller from my 3" 3d printed drone moved first to an Armattan Tadpole HD 3" and then later into my new 5" HDZero Beaver, with the flight controller from the 2" 3d printed whoop moving into the Tadpole along with an HDZero upgrade.

I also built a 3d printed plane, which crashed on take-off, becoming a pile of bits, so I transferred the FC to a Zohd Nano Talon Evo, which I have flown a lot.

Right now I’m working on a Freewing Lippisch P.15 with Head Tracking and HDZero.

So in total:
3x Mobula6 (and similar)
2" home-built
3" Gecko*
3" Tadpole HD*
4" Diatone Roma F4
5" QAV210
5" Beaver*
6" Badger*
Zohd Nano Talon Evo


All in about 18 months.

I might be the only Grey-Arrows member to not own a Mavic Mini or any DJI drones at all… or for that matter anything by DJI.

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FPV is more addictive than crack :grimacing:

oh bikes… you want bikes as well?

My Mountain Bike… £20
My wife’s Mountain Bike… free
My son’s Mountain Bike… free
My daughter’s Mountain Bike… £100 from Halfords, was my son’s first
2x girl’s bikes… I keep meaning to sell/give these away… does anyone need a girl’s bike?
My folding bike
My 1930s Polish Army bike, lovingly hand-crafted from all sorts of bits by myself… some original Polish, most not.
My WWI British Army bike… also lovingly hand-crafted by myself at the same time as the Polish one, and in a similar way… also mostly not original parts. Certainly nothing on it dates to WWI, as far as I know.

Plus 2 sheds to keep all that lot in…

Oh it is… it is…

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I’m saying nothing. I have already been judged and found wanting.

If you want more info check my profile. By the way the list is currently about two years out of date, and it’s not drones I’ve owned but drones I own.

The sickness is real and you have been warned.

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Mini 2
Min 3 Pro
Air 2 S
Mavic 2 Zoom
Phantom 4 x 2
Phantom 4 Pro
Inspire 1 x 3(ish) (2 need TLC)
GoPro Karma
Walkera Tali H500 (in need of a new battery)

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ive got a five inch. oh well things change when you get older.

no partridge in a pear tree.

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when you joining the darkside @PingSpike ? :grin: :rofl:

So I looked at @Nidge 's profile and realised, owning six is like tip of the iceberg in comparison to him and Yith. :stuck_out_tongue:

You aren’t wrong about it being addictive. I spend far too much time reading, watching YT vids and flying.

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