How much freedom to fly with mini 2 vs mp 2?

OK , so now I am the proud owner of a fantastic mini 2 (in laymen’s terms please) how much more freedom will I have , compared to my mp2 / autel evo as regards places where I can fly ? yes i know, read the drone code … :joy: :joy: just wanting peoples opinion on here … TIA…

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Check for yourself:

You can rubn various scenarios for named drones or by weight (up to 25kg). See the difference if you have an A2 CofC or are flying under Article 16.

Also see how a sub 500gram aircraft has certain advantages too.


Thanks Rob ,very helpful will try this out. :+1: Thank you.

Thanks again Rob , cannot believe how much freedom I have with the mini 2 ! Also I am a member of FPVUK. :+1: :+1: Also surprised to see the mini 2 has remote id option in the fly app. :wink:

Basically anywhere except over a crowd or in an NFZ - weather permitting :slight_smile:

There may be restrictions as to where you can take off or land ( e.g. National Trust don’t allow it on their land ) but overflight at reasonable altitude is legal despite what landowners may think :slight_smile:


I missed that memo :shushing_face:

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Of all the drones I own, discounting my own sub-250g builds, the Mini2 is the only one I can legally hover in my own garden. In fact, as I’ve not been able to travel further than the end of my driveway for many months, it’s the only drone I’ve flown as I can legally fly the Mini2 from my garden to a distance where I can still maintain VLOS.

To paraphrase Peter Gabriel/Arcade Fire.
“My body is a cage, that keeps me from dancing with the one I love. But my Mini2 augments my reality, allowing me to fly where I can’t walk”

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And probably the only one you’ll still be able to do that with after the end of 2022, as self-builds <250g can only still be used in A1 after the end of the “legacy/transitional” period if they are speed-limited to <19m/s.

Mini 2 FTW!


@FIREFOX when I bought my drone Nov 2020 I was torn between a mini and the Air 2 , I went for the Air 2 but quickly learnt the mini would have been a better option , first consideration was size , some people have reported difficulty maintaining vlos but fitting Crees appears to help many owners , I thought the Air 2 would have better camera quality but owners reports state how blown away they are by the capabilities of this small drone , I completed the A2 cofc and have article 16 benefits which help with current restrictions flying the Air2 but when the 2023 deadline arrives freedom to fly will reduce somewhat so the limited restrictions that apply to a sub 250g drone mean in my opinion the mini is a sensible choice for a hobbyist / amateur photographer…Alan

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@Sandbagger fully agree , i have mp2 and autel evo 1 ,I held off buying a mini / mini2 but soon became very intrigued at the amount of fantastic photos coming from this small drone. very glad I have now joined the mini 2 club and I now have a huge amount of places to fly. also find it very good, even with a fair breeze/wind. come the end of 2022 will be even more glad I gave this little drone a try. Big is not always better. :wink: :+1: