How to invite people to Grey Arrows Drone Club

You may, or may not be aware that there are three different Badges that you can be awarded for inviting new members to Grey Arrows :+1:t2:

They are:

  • Promoter
    – Awarded for inviting one new member
  • Campaigner
    – Awarded for inviting three new members
  • Champion
    – Awarded for inviting five new members

These badges are awarded automatically by our forum suite of software; which means in order to earn them you need to invite people using the built in Invite system.

In order to invite someone to Grey Arrows, and be eligible for a Badge, you simply need to:

  1. Go to the Invites section on your profile
  2. Click on “Send Invite” in the top nav bar
  3. Enter the email address of your friend
  4. Click the “Send Invite” button

Job done!

Your friend will be sent an email with a one-click link to allow them to sign up easily. And at the point of following the link they receive, your friend will also be immediately promoted to Trust Level 1 :smiley:

If and when they do, you’ll automatically be award the relevant badge within 24hrs :smiley:

Note: You must have attained Full Member status before you are able to use the Invite System.
Please see Membership Levels and Membership Levels and Trust? What’s that all about then? for a full explanation.


I don’t seem to have that option… and I only use mobile

It’s available to those that are already Full Members.

Please see Membership Levels for a full explanation.

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Also — Membership Levels and Trust? What’s that all about then?

Ok so I hadn’t liked something which is why I wasn’t a full member (I now am) but the option to invite isn’t there for mobile;)

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Just tried it, seems very easy :+1: