How to set the frame rate for quickshots on the dji Mini 4 Pro?

As I said earlier, set the project frame rate to match the frame rate the video was taken in, before importing the clips into the timeline. :wink::wink:

Anti flicker for artificial light…but I know what you mean that you can see the slight glitch on playback, my TV does auto detect the frame rate and does switch between 50 and 60Hz and to maintain motion blur at 60Hz there’s a flag in the menu that can be switched on but has the effect of darkening the image.

My editor allows for 30fps which is ‘29.9**NTSC’ I’ll have to look at the numbers to confirm, it does have a slight glitch compared to 24-25fps.

Dji could have included a 24-25fps but they have a different logic flag with some of what they do…:man_shrugging:

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I can’t because I mix the drone footage with all my other cameras and they are all set to either 25 or 50.

I have that set to 50, but I will switch it off as a test and see if it does anything, but I won’t get my hopes up.

I see what you mean, 30fps mixed in with 25-50 time line won’t work.

If it’s for play back on just your TV, it might playback under a ‘Custom’ profile in the TV menu set to graphics which may be detected for 60Hz playback…:thinking:

So, your cameras don’t have 30fps or 60fps frame rate settings at all ? I’d have thought all modern cameras have multiple fps settings ? If they haven’t I reckon I’d do drone footage on its own, or camera footage on its own and not mix the two. I can’t think of any other way round this.

Fly manually

Didnt mean that Chris. Obviously the OP is mixing camera footage with drone footage. The camera/s hes got can’t take video at the same fps as the drone so when he mixes the two together, theres a mismatch. :wink::wink:

Original question was regarding quickshots

The desired frame rates can be set in normal flight modes

Of course they do, but I’m not changing all my camera settings just because the drone won’t do the frame rate I want in quickshots. As I said before I use 25 and 50 in the UK to avoid flicker from artificial lighting.

I’ll just fly it manually.

Well, sadly you’re stuck matey, or as Chris says, just fly manually and never use the technology available at the touch of a screen :wink::wink: