How to Using Bluetooth to Transmit Telemetry TBS Crossfire & ExpressLRS

Found this, transmit telemetry to your phone

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I bought all the bits to create my own app and do this myself. Of course I never touched it… I have the bits though!! Always thought be a simple thing to do, and mainly to have the GPS on the phone to easy find!!

Having just moved I have no idea where anything is anymore, soo…

I actually have the bits needed… However my radio does not have a UART… d’oh!

Neat solution, but the X9D transmitter has a bluetooth interface built in, I use it for a no-wires telemetry connection to my tracker. SO in theory I should just be able to pair the phone app to the TX without this exra hardware.
I’ll try it, maybe I’m missing something :man_shrugging: