How well can you see the data and icons on the DJI RC Pro?

Hi , sorry if this is in the wrong place but I’ve searched and cannot find the answer , feel free to move it should you find a better place .
Has anyone used the RC pro controller with the air2s enough to give a good honest review of its performance yet ? I’ve got the chance of buying a used rc pro at a good price but would like to find out a bit more on how well it works with the air2s and also if possible get any feed back on how well you can see all the data and icons in use , I know about the brightness and how good the screen is meant to be but I use a 8 inch tablet as my eyes struggle to see small stuff like the battery icon on a phone screen hence the tablet so I wondered if it is easy to see the smaller icons having the brighter screen , there is nobody nearby who I can see one in action and YouTube can be very personal opinion , any advise welcome . Many thanks in advance

I think the drone model is largely irrelevant if this is the main question here @scottydog mate ? :thinking:

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Yes I guess that’s true enough although I would like to know it works well together I cannot see how it wouldn’t as it’s dji’s premium remote ( probably didn’t think that through sorry ) so the main question is how well can most see the details around the screen , I am only worried as it’s a lot of money and I’ve never had the chance to see how effective the screen is , my eyesight is ok but on a Samsung s10 screen I really struggle to see the battery etc although the icon has been improved since I last used my phone . I can remove the question if you prefer.

No mate, not at all, it was just really vague :smiley:

I’ll update the title for you :blush:

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Thank you , I do appreciate it , I’m a lorry driver and I’m more practical than knowing how to word stuff lol

For what it’s worth, the screen is 5inch give or take, I use one but not for the screen size, the brightness yeh but not not size. A decent phone has 5.5 to 6 inch of real estate which is around the same. I can’t fault the RC pro, a part from RRP ,especially with the Air 2S as a controller and for transmission. I swapped from an iPad mini 5 and don’t regret it a part from screen size, and I hate using crApple stuff.
Hope this helps.

Thank you , the screen size is my worry but I might have to get it and try it I guess .

I had the same phone and understand 100% what your saying. :+1:

I use a RC231 and the DJI RC with the Air 2s, i have tried iPads and even a tried a new 10 inch Samsung tab 8 and it was awful, I did alot of research and I bought a dedicated phone which is a Samsung note 8 and I think it’s fantastic but when I don’t need hacks I will use the RC and find it a excellent controller and does not fail on the screen presence so if you have a chance to pick up a pro cheap I definitely get it as you won’t be disappointed.

EDIT: I would have been worried about screen size but because of the quality you forget the 5.5 size instantly.

Maybe someone from @Norfolk could help you out or when your on the road with your Yorkie bar meetup for a test. :+1:

Thank you , i love the idea of switch on and fly but the size of my apple mini 5 tablet gives me a clear view of the picture and I can clearly see the battery level , signal strength etc , the rc pro is very nearly new for £725 including p&p but I think although the screen quality is supposed to be excellent I think it’s size is just to small for my eyesight.

Until recently I used a Tripltek 8 Pro (previously a Tripltek 7 and 7.85 CrystalSky) with my drones, I just never have been able to get on with using a mobile phone. But… I just bought the RCPro a couple of weeks ago and am currently using it with the Mini 3 Pro. The Tripltek is only used with the Mavic 2 now.

I took a bit of a gamble buying the RCPro, I felt the same as you and wasn’t sure that I could transition/downgrade to a smaller screen… but I’ve surprised myself and I am really liking the RCPro, which is good as it isn’t cheap lol.

The portability and the scope of options with the customisable buttons especially the 5D button which has been carried over from the old Mavic 2 controller make it a great option. Especially for me as I am trying to carry a drone with me most days I am out now, and being able to operate after firing up just two bits of kit really speeds things up.

Sure there is definitely a trade off between screen sizes if you’re used to a larger screen but in my opinion a compromise worth making.

Couldn’t have said it better myself👍.
The RC pro was one of the choices I had in mind, the other was the Tripltek 8. I’ve sacrificed screen size from the ipad mini and also the choice of the Tripltek. But don’t regret it😁

I have been flying a Mavic Mini 1 with a Samsung S7, I have recently purchased the Mini 3 Pro with the RC controller after trying one out on a drone experience, for me it makes it so much easier to set up and go fly just pack it in the backpack and go. I wear verifocal glasses but have no problems with the display on the RC screen. I feel its the best purchase I’ve made.

Thank you that’s helpful feed back

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Thank you , I have looked at the Tripletek as well .

Thank you , for me the RC is out as my location is rural with lots of trees and the signal loss the rc suffers from rules that out for me .