How will the CAA deal with these?

No Pfco licence required ?
No private pilot licence required ?

Not particularly pedestrian friendly when landing in a supermarket car park.

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Or pilot friendly if you fell off into those blades

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Simple. They will not be allowed.


It is a UAV over 20Kg will need permission from the CAA (Unlikley to get it)

Not if it has a pilot. Can’t be unmanned if your sitting on it.


That is a bloody awfull design

As for licencing I believe the only aircraft you can fly without a Licence in the UK are foot launched- hang gliders Paragliders/Paramotors, or a new class of under 70kg aircraft (all of which are so far very small flex wings)

The CAA will be having a heart attack, frothing at the mouth and crapping themselves all at the same time, just watching this video. I’d buy tickets to that event…