Howdy from Chorlton, South Manchester

Hello, everyone! I think I’d been aware of Grey Arrows as a thing in the background for a while, and after recently seeing as another mapping option, went ahead and joined up, this time.

I got my first drone, the then-new Mavic Mini, for the Christmas just before COVID hit. Since then, I got the Air 2 in May. Of course, with the various lockdowns and tiers, I haven’t gotten to fly them anywhere near as much as I’d hoped. Still, having just passed my A2 CofC with UAVHub last week :grinning:, I’m thinking I’ll be able to do a lot more flying with the Mini, at least, being able to use it within the ‘congested area’ that is Manchester. Eventually, I’ll get to take them out to the Peak District and the like again.

Before Manchester, I lived in Arizona, USA. :cowboy_hat_face: I still think occasionally about the pictures I could be getting with my drones back there (and the clearer weather, especially since astrophotography is another interest of mine), but I’ve hardly run out of shots to take here. Just opportunities.


Hi @KarMann and welcome to GADC, lots of members round your way, I’m sure a couple will be around shortly to say hello.

I’d try sell the virtues of DS, but seen as you know of it already…

Look forward to seeing some of your photos and videos