Huawei T5 10.1" with DJI Fly app

Looking some advice guys,
I recently purchased a Huawei T5 10.1" media pad to use with my Mavic Air 2. I tried it out this morning for the first time and was very disappointed with the result! The main issue being the delay in any camera movements and the delay in live camera footage (pixelated). Has anybody had these issues and is there anything I can do to rectify the problem?
Thanks in advance.

Silly question time.
Do you normally get a delay when flying with any other device?
Can you try a phone?
Is the Mediapad up to date?
What version of Android is the pad on?

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Its a new media pad. The Android version is 8.0.0. It works perfect with the phone. I am wondering if its the cable that I am using with it? I have a USB c to micro USB adapter on the cable when using it with the tablet, could this be the problem maybe?

Avoid adapters


OK for charging and in an emergency, in fairness I have a couple, but suspect the cheapest thing first!
I had a cheap C lead that work for the phone but would not connect to the Mini 2 reliably…binned it.
Nevr had a problem since.
Grab a good C to C cable and give that a go. You could get into trying data transfer speeds ect but just try a good lead first.