Hubson repair

Good evening gents,
I’m wondering if one of you fine fellas might be able to point a mate of mine in the right direction to where he could get a motor repair done on his Hubson 501 please?
Seems he’s struggling to find somewhere
Thanks in advance

I can’t think of any professional outlet that would do the job but I’d imagine the hourly rate charged may outweigh the value of the drone.

If you or your friend have basic soldering skills it’s a relatively easy DIY job. The motors are readily available but you need to make sure you get the right one, i.e. Clockwise or Counter Clockwise.

When you come to solder the motor to the ESC solder the coloured wires to the same terminals as the old motor to ensure it will spin in the correct direction.




Many thanks Nidge :+1:
I’ll pass that on,


Order the parts and cover the postage and I will do it :slight_smile:


Hi Wyntrblue,
That’s exceptionally kind of you to offer!
Can you send me your contact details and I’ll get him to call/message you
Many thanks

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Just thought I would offer a little update…

Quad arrived with me this morning. I swapped 2 of the motors to confirm if it was a dead motor or a dead esc. Turns out to be a dead motor. A quick call to the owner and amazon order and it should be fixed and back to its owner early next week.


What a star, you’re a rare breed!
I’m sure you’ve made him a happy chappy
Many thanks


You will find a lot of 5 star guys on here !.

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Motor has been replaced and it’s boxed up to be returned to its owner. Only thing I couldn’t test was if it actually flew due to lack of props being sent.

But it’s boxed up ready to go back to the post office :slight_smile:


Top man James !.

Superstar! :clap::grin::+1:

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