Humber Bridge/Hull - Sunday 7th October

Following on from the @Banger introduction thread Here

I am proposing a meet, this Sunday morning 7th October from 0645am (to catch the sunrise).

In past experience I have found that flying from the Barton side is much better, but I’m up to discussion on this.

Address for meet (if it is Barton) is DN18 5BE Just follow Waterside Road as far as you can and there is a car park.

The more the merrier, come along and fly or just chat and watch us

@mickydd @sparkman999 @paulmouncer @Banger


I added the location and map button at the top.

We’re still waiting a couple of gremlins with it to be sorted, then there’ll be some notes on adding them. :wink:


Thanks Chris, Dave for this
Just so your aware I had a private chat with @Brian as to where to fly from, seeing he also had a post about the Humber bridge same as you Chris
He has mentioned the opposite side which is crown property just wondered if you knew of this (I don’t want to change any arrangement)

See you Sunday morning at 6.45 (shudder at thought of getting up really early it’s not my usual thing😁)
I am sure @mickydd will have the requisite carnation and false glasses with large nose as a disguise but I don’t think the newsagents will be open that early for the Sunday Times to put under my arm.

Sorry chris I hadn’t read the other thread before I posted here

Either side is good, just on the Barton side its a little easier to get the whole of the bridge in without having to venture as far out into river, there is also no CCTV on the car park (not that we are doing anything wrong), also less houses behind us, although the majority of flying is over water.

Its also a lot quieter on this side, especially given its the farmers market this Sunday at the visitor centre at Hessle

I’ll send out my mobile number via PM nearer the weekend for all who show an interest on this thread

View from the foreshore on the Hessle side taken a few years ago is below ;o)


Thanks for that Chris.
Is it nearer to the cafe as well? :fried_egg: :fried_egg::fried_egg::fried_egg::fried_egg::fried_egg::fried_egg:

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thats all he thinks about
won’t be saying that when i pick him up at 5am sunday morning…

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ok Mick found your breakfast The singing Kettle Cafe


Singing Kettle open Sundays 9-2.


Do you think they will add a couple of eggs if you don’t like hash browns?

Very accommodating up these parts.

hope your not going for student discount too

Pushing it bit with 5/6 gentlemen of a certain age ;o)

damn was worth a try

It looks ok but am sure they could fit a bit more round the edges.
Worth a trip over just for that.


Only 3 sausage’s Jeff ??
Oh!, hang on 2 more at the back !

Gravy space


Next thing because its Sunday you will want a Yorkshire pudding to put it all in…


The rest are hiding behind the fried bread theres at least another two