Humber Bridge/Hull - Sunday 7th October


I thought @milkmanchris was joking about the shorts earlier!

I’m not a fan of the heat either but even I don’t wear shorts when it’s only +0.3C outside :rofl:



Great meet today, footage and photos to follow after naps


:+1:Looks like you guys had a great meet!


That’s a cracker, @paulmouncer! :+1:


It was a good morning and well worth the early start for that breakfast.


So did you “Litchi Mission” it Jeff ?
Reckon he’s asleep !!


He said something about being very tired as he’s not used to early mornings.
Yes, Jeff used Litchi and it went well.


no just editing then sleep…
yes I used litchi was a little windy and tbh the return flight had a few more waypoints than I should have and at each one it induced a slight stutter which I have taken out to make it flow a little better but well impressed


Only decent image and had to screenshot from vid.
Sorry, all I have to offer.


Have the mission settings to curves, and radius not zero, to avoid this. The number of waypoints shouldn’t have any impact then.


send me the litchi mission jeff, i’ll have a look at it and see if I can work out why.
I am out tonight, but, will look at it in the morning !.


If it’s not smooth at waypoints, it’s because the waypoints aren’t curves … even if overall a straight line.


yup, just what I told Jeff, I think he needed to increase curve.


Even a small curve is OK …. IF the mission settings are set to Curve. The latter is all important.


If straight lines it always does a very brief pause at the waypoint, even when the waypoint has no actions.


Well I like it Jeff, and it’s a true reflection of the light on the day. Considering its your first time at the location, and the worries you had initially (and making Mick walk all the way under the bridge) Its a great job.

Its a yes from me (as they say in modern culture)


Thanks Chris
Will send the litchi file to chris b see where “ I went wrong” think it may be the wind as we discussed on the return section but I am sure Chris will confirm


I will wait for your epic production


i Love how the lights are going out on the bridge in the first shot


bet you don’t wear shorts next time (it was body cold)