Humber Bridge/Hull - Sunday 7th October


Always go abroad at easter and again at half term in october and try wear them between the 2 ;o)

Missing the half term this year and doing Tenerife in December, not sure I’ll see that through


Ok Litchi flight plan will do a video of the jitter bit later in the week i need my sleep catch up well knackered


Looks good!


and yes @OzoneVibe the curves where on so it must have been the wind up there in saying that
the mavic was oscillating a lot on the last bit


That was my basis for saying about curves, since you made no mention of the wind being the cause … and I’m guessing the wind didn’t only blow when it was at a waypoint.


Jeff, watch out for that tree ;o)


Careful it was a bush…


Excellent Video Chris. I had a look at some of those apps you told me about. Way over my head. I went over to Beverley Westwood this afternoon. I’m getting a pro at this now. 57 mins under my belt. Do I qualify for my Wings yet?. Once again thanks for a great morning.


Ok managed to get the flight have speeded it up by 8 times speed its shows up on the return 6 waypoints
and now i think it is wind and not litchi anyway make your own mind up…


uploaded via final cut will try and sort



Listed as Private?


try now


Now is good! :+1:


OK now Jeff


Works for me , me like Jeff


I’d say the “stutter” is flying sideways fast … and the side-on airflow hitting the camera/gimbal and causing it to vibrate.


see what i mean about the jutter rest of flights after that are all ok weird


@sparkman999 You sure those jitters aren’t operator error and you just trying to blame the wind or Litchi :joy::joy::joy:


Dave it was slow i speeded it up 8 times


No Mick but a good try