Humber Bridge/Hull - Sunday 7th October


Yup - I can read and I saw that. But sideways airflow I’ve had camera wobble before when flying sideways into wind.


anyway no group shot i remember having my picture taken by several drones
will be asking for copyright fees


Chris you look cold @milkmanchris


At last the TV has been free long enough to watch. Some interesting views.


Looks like you all had a great time. Good food, good company=great times. I was following you in spirit from Rome, and boy was I tempted to fly the MP over the Colliseum. The presence of blokes with rather large guns put me off a tad.
Ryanair will allow lipo batteries in hand luggage with no problem, just don’t put them in luggage destined for the hold.


A motley crew if ever I’ve seen one @milkmanchris @paulmouncer @Banger @mickydd @sparkman999


Nice video Mick


A couple of different angle stills.



How did you resist the temptation to fly under that concrete beam?! :blush:

Cracking photos Chris :+1:


I lost the drone being the spotter
All my fault


Night version someone? :stuck_out_tongue:


Holy moly!! I got vertigo just looking at the photos


Shoulda gone to spec savers…maybe we ought to copyright the drone sotting scenario for a future advert.
Something like… he’s watching the drone fly away and sees it coming back overhead, looking directly up…then suddenly ‘splat’ he gets a face full of bird poo. Camera cuts away to see a seagull flying away, then pans into our intrepid spotter wiping the poo away…roll the end titles…’Shoulda gone to spec savers’


How did you know I go to Specsavers @Brian

Ok the flight we made some assumptions
The only problem was it was slightly over the drone code limit for height “cough” only slightly what’s 150 feet and change
Does a bridge in the middle of nowhere class as a built up area so we did the 50 ft away ( mostly )
Line of sight ok at one point the bridge was in the way…but mostly it was visible if you really squint…
All in all a really good flight
I’m sure @milkmanchris will back me up when the drone police arrive


What he said ;o)


Don’t worry, I’ll post bail for you when the drone cops drag you away kicking and screaming in chains. Lol .


I would just like to add we did the flight as hobbyists…
I did not jeopardise my driving licence


I’m looking forward to hopefully attending the next meeting, looks like a great time was had by all.


It was Brian trouble is the weather is going to be a problem till next year but who knows


I’m looking forward to maybe those cold but clear azure blue sky days when the chimney smoke drifts lazily upwards, a low mellow mist lays across the valley, wrapped up warm against the pervading chill, the smells of the earths fragrance strong in the nostrils and not a sound can be heard…except the distant buzz of the mavic.