Humber Fort - Haile Sands, Cleethorpes

Hello! First post here, as well as a first attempt at this modelling lark. The weather se just right. It was bright but cloudy with no wind last week for one day. I had a few technical problems and time was against me. With this in mind, I didn’t get the close in shots needed for some of the thin elements such as aerials, half broken ladders and the like. (Deleted them off the model).

Unfortunately, in 2022 the fort has suffered the worst damage in such a small amount of time since it was abandoned in the 1950’s. This year, more and more people have become braver with kayaks and have boarded the fort. Doors have been left open and a general attitude to trashed stuff about the place. Birds can now get into areas which they haven’t before which is good for shelter I guess. Graffiti wise. We have some 2022 new additions. See if you can spot them. Previously, only a few R.I.P messages could be seen. One is not as old as you might guess.

I know there are a few flyers around Cleethorpes. I often get buzzed while flying down the beach by some of you guys maybe. More models and whatnot on the way. Cheers!

Haile Sand Fort - River Humber, United Kingdom by pecky8t on Sketchfab


Man I need to get in to this 3D modelling malarkey :star_struck:

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Bull Sand Fort, Humber Estuary, WW2 by Hannah Stamp on Sketchfab

An excellent model of Bull Fort as it would have been. Really like these heritage professional reconstructions. Way beyond anything I could think of ever creating.

The underwater part is pretty cool :slight_smile:

Welcome! And well done the model, very impressive stuff :clap:

What is the process behind this, if you don’t mind sharing?

There was quite a bit about it in this thread …

No one else has ever been flying while i’ve been in Cleethorpes