Humber Fort

A grey, cold murky day but just had to get out to fly at least one battery.

Went out as far as the sandbar that was around 700 metres off shore from the Fitties Yacht Club, not sure of the effect the cold would have on battery endurance so didn’t want to push it.

Has anyone used CCC Editor for the Typhoon? am I right in thinking that unlike Litchi the drone has to be in contact with the controller for the whole mission.

I’d love to get one of there with the M2P but im just not confident to send it that war out over water!!

Great shot!

I have this theory that if I’m flying over the sea I’m less like to get stuck in a tree :rofl::joy:
All my quads seem to have built in tree magnets HAHA LOL :grinning:


good point made! LOL :rofl:

The drone doesn’t know it’s over water.

Spitbank Fort is a similar distance from shore. A couple of us have been out to that several times.

Yeah but i do!!! :grinning:

just been back over some posts I really should proofread before i post!

Quiet agree Dave, but it still doesn’t stop the squeaky bum cheeks…:grin:

Currently not sure if the ST16 controller has the signal range to do a circuit of the fort using CCC Editor, as I believe the drone must be in contact with the controller for it to carry out the planned fight. Any signal loss just results in an abort and RTH.

If my MP is 400 ft above concrete/tarmac/solid rocks and it falls, the prognosis is identical to should that happen over water.

Yep it’s irrational, I suppose the only difference is that if it comes down over land at least you stand a chance of getting to the remains.

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LITCHI for ever !!! :rofl::joy::rofl:. :grinning:
Completes the mission when out of range
(See my video of Gili Meno) my baby just comes back home :+1::crazy_face:

Litchi doesn’t bring it back from bird strike. :wink:

@Steviegeek No Litchi for Yuneec Drones as far as I’m aware…:disappointed_relieved:

Ooops, my bad, should have read OP first