Hummingbird Moth

First I have seen this year, getting a bit late for a visit.
Been one visiting every year for decades.

Quick darting little buggers, hard to photograph.


I saw one of these in Devon years ago but we dont get them up north, brilliant creatures arent they? They really look like mini hummingbirds!

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How far North? I live in East Yorkshire and seen them every year for must be 4 decades now.
Was wondering with it been late if I would see one this year, seeing that the House Martins that have been coming and nesting on the house for decades did not return this year :cry:

I am not much further north than you, South Manchester area. Maybe they appear from the continent and dont get as far west as me. I never saw one here, and my wife is quite interested in wildlife and is always looking out for new critters. Beautiful photos btw

The wife just looked it up, most frequent in south and coastal areas, Im probably too far inland. Sad that the house martins are missing, its a bad time for a lot of birds.

I’m only 2 miles from the sea and 1 mile from the Humber.
It is sad that the House Martins didn’t return, lets hope for next year.
Swallows been down a lot in numbers as well this year.
I have got 5 hedgehogs coming to feed though, they ARE greedy little pigs :smile:

Ive noticed the swallows are down this year. We have 2 hedgehogs but no babies this year. Foxes are doing weĺl though, they are our greedy visitors!


If you think that moth is small, you should see the size of the controller(!)

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What about the battery then :rofl:

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Brilliant !!:+1:

Cool, thought they were birds to start with :clap::clap:


Hard to believe they are Moths!
They are prevelant in Europe ( larger) but do spread into uk, they seem to love honeysuckle and buddlia.
Nice to here they are north as well ( global warming)