Hunstanton, Norfolk

Hey all, just dusting some old pics while out on this marvellous part of the country.
Should be going in October if COVID permits it.


All taken with the Mavic Air 2 @Mind_the_gap ?

I’m afraid not, these were all taken with the old Mavic Air 1.
I will be returning in October if we still not in lockdown. Weather permitting will be bringing the new bird.

To this day I’m still blown away by the quality of photos from the Air 1.

One of our members @BrianB won quite a few Photographic Order of Merit badges off the back of his Air 1 pics too.


I was very happy with the camera, how stable was (even in windy days) and compact.

I didn’t like however the flight time, I was constantly paranoid about running out of juice, the distance that I was able to fly (as it lost signal very easily) and the noise it made.

But yes, I loved it. Nice little drone.

Ditto - that camera punched way above what its pricing would have suggested.


And I got over two years of use out of it. As a first drone, I could not recommend it enough.
Obviously things change and those extra minutes that you get to fly on the MA2 are highly appreciated it.

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Jees. I just looked at the rental price for the old lighthouse.
In May it’s a whopping £1900 for 2 nights for 2 adults :open_mouth:

Love the wind surfer pic :+1:t2:

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It’s great location, but yes, the lighthouse it a tiny bit expensive.
The windsurfer pic was a bit of a brown pants moment. It just turn around all of the sudden and it looked very close indeed.

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Also, you do have access to the tower, but you stay in the house by it. The tower itself its just a shell.

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bloody hell !, you can stay at “The Pigs” , (Edgefield) for a week for that
and the amenities would blow that Lighthouse out of the water.
It’s only a few miles from Hunstanton.

Nice pics. That kitesurfer would look great in B&W I reckon :+1:t2:

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Thank you @SirGunner,
Also I do not usually go for B&W, but I must say, that does come up ok.


Love it :+1:t2: :grin:

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