I 3D printed these

I 3D printed some prop holders, it always frustrated me the props trying to spin when I was trying to put it away in the bag.
Does anyone else use anything to prevent their props moving?


Nice :+1:
I do like the Arctic MP :+1:


Nice :+1:t2:

I use these on my MP when in the hard case:



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I use my fingers, does that count? :joy:

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same sort for me Rich, on my Mavic Pro.


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Do you leave them in the bag? :rofl:


Doubles up as a handwarmer :rofl:

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High wind?
I’m here all week folks :clown_face:

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You use high wind to prevent your props moving?
How does that work?

Elastic band

+1 for fingers

I don’t take off :wink:
Seriously though - I don’t take either AC anywhere unless it’s in a case :+1:


I have cases for all except the MP, I normally carry that in the Manfrotto D1 with the P4P if taking both out.
I have been looking for a case that will carry the MP and goggles together but not found one I like yet.
I printed the above because of that bag that the Mavic came with is not the best of things and the props were always twisting around.

It’s a shame you’re not local - I have a spare MP case you could have. I kept it when I sold the MP - fits the drone only.

That’s very kind of you.
Send me some photos.

No worries will do - I’ll dig it out in the morning :+1:

This is the chap!


I use one of those. Brilliant things! One for the RC and one for a pair of batteries, too.

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I nearly bought the set of those before.
I did print a box but the lid was 3mm smaller than the top And I haven’t bothered resizing it to print it again as yet.

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Nah - you need my spare - I only kept it in the hope the M2 would fit - which it doesn’t :face_with_monocle: