I bought the wrong drone at the wrong time

Basically I’m stuffed yeah ?..in November 2020 I parted with the best part of £800 of my hard earned pension for a Mavic air 2 . I could have got the mini but at the time the air 2 ticked all the boxes , no problems with the drone code ,better camera , slightly larger easier to see and I expected it to be more stable in the wind . Out the box and I was really impressed and after my first flight yes this was going to be perfect for my retirement project taking photos of castles and lighthouses in the UK. Then two weeks later the drone code changed , the increased distance and overhead flight restrictions in regard to flying near people and buildings wasn’t an issue but the limitations regarding where to fly mean I’m effectively grounded like so many others I suppose …residential, industrial , recreational, NT , nature reserves all forbidden so where does that leave me …well I gather from drone scene I could TOAL from crown estate areas but that would be a beach recreational catch 22 , I suppose I could find some suitable rocks to use then head out to sea but it’s all so limiting , and I doubt I’ll be able to sell this sucker … If only if waited till the new year !

We did have 18 months notice and 2 date extensions on the changes though :man_shrugging:


I was completely new to the drone scene I saw some images on line and thought yes I could fill my time in doing that quite happily my only research was drone availability and the current drone code …my mistake no doubt about it

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Spend an extra few quid and do the A2 C of C. I was in a similar situation to you, but did the exam with UAVHub back in January and during the transitional period have far greater freedom with my MA2. At the age of 64, I was dreading it, but it’s really not that difficult.


Hi mouldy , I’m 63 , so is that like a commercial licence what difference does that make to flight restrictions

Our very own tool


Under Article 16 authorisation, which if a member of the BMFA and possibly FPVUK, allows me to fly any craft with a MTOM not exceeding 7.5kg in recreational areas that are not subject to Drone Bylaws or flight restrictions. So in essence I can fly my heavy lift hexacopter (if I ever finish building it) in my local park, so long as I keep a minimum distance of 15m from any uninvolved person.

Full details below.



Same deal for a bit less at FPVUK

OA16 in some respects is better than the A2 CofC


Thanks milkmanChris , I completed the questionnaire as if I had the A2 cofc and I can see that it allows flights in residential industrial and recreational areas …so this is like an advanced course .


Thanks mouldy I’ve had a look at the website and it does seem like a possible option . Much obliged


That would be during the take off and landing.

Join fpvuk for a small fee and enjoy section 16 authorisation AND you get liability insurance included. No need to splash out on c of c

Is it 50m distance from people after take off but what about buildings? Say I was flying in a farmers field with no people how far must I keep away.

Please use this… it’s what it was built for. It’ll answer every possible scenario you can think of:


So what will happen to Article 16 at the end of the transitional period? The benefits of the A2 C of C will still apply then, especially with the introduction of Class marked aircraft.

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Over to you @FPVUK

In the meantime @Mouldy check out this excellent thread on OA16

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Under article 16 as shown above.
The distance is a bubble.

See below. @ianinlondon has a video on this.


The rules have changed and buildings are no longer a ‘thing’ you need to avoid or stay away from, unless there’s a chance you may endanger someone inside. (just quoting the rule there, which I kind if think is a bit nuts unless they’re in a greenhouse)
Article 16 rules are a 30m bubble; standard rules are 50m horizontal distance from uninvolved people.
Vid explains all. :slight_smile:


The ‘transition period’ to which you refer is part of the Open Category.

The Article 16 Operational Authorisation is an Operational Authorisation issued to each association in the Specific Category.

The two things are unrelated/ independent of one another.

The Article 16 Operational Authorisations will be renewed (and expanded where appropriate) each year indefinitely.




Hi, it really sounds like now is the time for you to do the research… all of the things mentioned, Article 16, A2 CofC and much more are easily found on the internet, who, where and how you can fly, there are loads of videos on YOUTUBE etc… good luck and the A2 is pretty easy really… Cheers