I didnt need this

Well just one more terrifying experience with my MP, decided to go out and capture a couple of images for my upcoming talk and enjoy flying the MP.
So as any good responsible pilot should do I checked the area for any potential risks etc also checked the Drone assist App just to make sure all was good.
Yay lets go everything looks good, I composed my 1st image boom in the can had a fly around the area and noticed another nice shot, so I made a few changes in angle, distance etc and took a shot and I thought that would look great at a greater altitude so up she went just below the legal altitude and the shot looked great soI just left her hovering while I made a few changes to exposure, iso etc and OMFG I looked behind me because I heard a noise and Honestly I very nearly had a coronary on the spot a light aircraft came buzzing from behind a hill at I should say 100 Ft I thought crap what should I do ? I could not descend quick enough so all I could do was push sport mode and full stick to get away from his flight path and I also noticed I was quit a-bit above him… Jesus Christ my legs went to jelly and my heart deffo missed a beat or two…
I could not believe how low he was and how fast he came from behind the hill that I have checked was 3/4 mile from my location.
This has scared me so much I could have sold the MP there and then, but what’s your thoughts ? Should I have done something different ? What would you have done but bear in mind this happened so quickly I didn’t panic but did I take the correct evasive action ???
I wont take offence if you call me a dick etc but I truly did check everything that I thought would pose a risk whilst flying.
Luckily all ended well, but it’s really shook me up.

Blimey Andy, you’re properly jinxed!!

I think we need to ban you from meetups, it could be chaos with you around :rofl:

But in all seriousness, I think you did the right thing. Not sure what else you could have done in this situation really…

Did you catch this on video by any chance?

Did you get the planes ID?

Please don’t sell up… we’ll all miss your adventures in the air (and in the water) :blush:

I am not buying a lotto ticket anytime soon mate, I got back in the van a felt sick…
I was taking stills images so the main thing was avoid him, I wish I could have got the planes ID because I feel he or she was too low…
I am having a think about what to do.

Won’t there be a flight plan logged somewhere, which would mean the CAA could track it down.

Mmmm I bet there will be but could it open up a can of worms and give more ammo to the drone haters out there…

Does FlightRadar app show historic plane movements? Or only live ones?

Incidentally it’s a handy app for checking the local skies :slight_smile:

Light aircraft won’t be filing flight plans with enough detail to trace.

@Ktm250 Did you get the registration? … or was it too close for your near sight limit? :wink:

Most light aircraft won’t appear on Flight Radar. Hell - half the EasyJet flying in/out of Southampton don’t appear!

Have a read, the 500ft rule maybe?


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I highly recommend strobon flashing LEDs. They can be seen for miles, are light weight and don’t require a loom of wires.

Here’s what they look like on my Mavic. They don’t effect the camera unless your close to an object and the light levels are dropping.
Mavic with Strobes & Lights

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Sounds like this guy Andy is describing was way under 500ft :open_mouth:

he was way under 500, we have found out who the pilot was, watch this space…


Intresting, can’t wait to see how this plays out :popcorn:


Sounds like you did about all you could have done.

You checked your were safe to fly before hand, checked DroneAssist to ensure you were legally able to fly (no DMZs, restricted areas etc) and you were below the legal limit.

Finally, once you detected the danger you acted appropriately by moving out of the way of the aircraft. Legally you were pretty well covered. The only real thing you could do differently (and it may not have helped) would have been to have a spotter, but if it was as sudden as you say then even that may not have helped.

These things do happen from time to time.

Thank you, I have been speaking to few people from the area that it happened at it turns out that this chap fly’s over his house regular and does a few stunts thrown in sometimes ( retired surgeon) I am told, I am tempted to knock on his door…

That might be a not bad idea.

You could contact CAA and report a near miss but would possibly be dragged into a lengthy investigation.

Might give you peace of mind to go talk to him and let him know how his actions affected you.

It must have been a frightening experience and is frustrating that you were flying carefully and within the law

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I suspect the pilot would prefer not to be under investigation by the CAA either, but I don’t think it can be ignored. Raising awareness could prevent a more serious incident in the future. Just think if you do nothing, then the worst happens you’ll always have ‘what if’ ‘if only I’ on your mind.

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He was flying LOS, that’s why he says he looked round behind him when he heard the aircraft. If he was under Goggles then he is legally required to have a spotter, I believe that the CAA is trying to encourage the reporting of these sort of incidents to further educate full-size aircraft pilots that Drone flights take place almost every day now in UK airspace.

All full sized aircraft pilots “know” that we “Drone-Model aircraft pilots” are recommended to fly at or below 400ft, the lack of this knowledge on the part of the full-size aircraft pilot has serious legal implications in the event of a collision with a model aircraft at or below 400ft.
I had a near miss once about 15 years ago when flying at a field that I have permission to fly from and still do, I was flight testing a new Nitro helicopter and was in a hover at about 50ft. I’d just started to descend when an RAF Tornado came over low above Rockingham Speed Way and straight over my head at no more than 100ft; my helicopter was at about 30ft altitude the downwash from the Tornado pushed my helicopter downwards.

It was the first time that I’d ever heard the air crackling around me for quite a few seconds which I later described to a work colleague that used to be in the RAF, he just said "bloody hell mate if you heard that crackling noise he was low; that’s the sound made by the electrostatically charged air. I’d landed my helicopter and just stood there shaking for ages from just thinking of what the headlines could have been if my toy had gone into the intake of that jet and Gretton Village just 2 miles in the direction of his flight. :see_no_evil:

I know he was flying LOS and that spotters aren’t required for this, but it would have helped since when flying LOS you aren’t looking around as much and not behind you (or not often)…

Another good practice (which won’t help for the fast flying aircraft) is to frequently scan the surrounding area 360 degrees for any movements. Of course, don’t forget where your drone is as it could be easy to lose sight after a quick scan around :slight_smile:

If you do how sure are you that he will take heed of your concerns, he has shown no regard for the “ANO” and has endangered himself and possibly others if he had ended up with a “Mavic wedged in his cakehole” or had a mechanical failure at such low altitude there wouldn’t be any time to steer the aircraft form harming others.

The CAA will have a nice chat with him and recommend that he has another read of the relevant ANO clause; then you can be sure that he will take heed, to put it mildly.

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