I Hate poping to the shed at night

Just popped out to the shed to get a screwdriver and saw this jus above the houses so had to rush in to get the M2P

Then a mess about with one of the RAW’s these were taken 15min ago.


Nice one, must be worth a badge!

Nice photos @stevesb :+1: The sky is immense man. :clap:

Have you tried the Hyperlight mode on the M2P ?

I have yet to really mess around with double exposures but the hyperlight mode wouldve really brought houses to life underneath that awesome sky.

Its something im looking to dabble with. :grin:

PS Love the shed excuse! hahaha

Beautiful shots!

Yes I took 2 hyperlights just got to check them out and review them.

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Would love to see a comparison with the hyperlight mate.

HDR photo

Hyperlight photo

Normal jpg



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Hi, that’s a really nice couple of shots. You need to visit the shed at night more often :grin:

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