I have never seen a Snow crop circle before


Interesting drone flying …out there in the cold.


Snow art is an incredible thing! Been around for about the same time as crop circles an sandy beach art.


That’s clever.
How the hell do they know where to tread ? or not.


In 2004 I was paragliding in the ski resort of Les Arcs, and decided to fly all the way down to the official paragliding landing field in the main valley near Landry.
The field was the “official landing field” because it was the only one that was devoid of power cables and other obstacles.
As I came over the edge of the higher valley to get my bearings I realised that not only had someone created a huge snow-art in the field, but they were still in the progress of finishing it.

Well - I did try not to make too much of a mess of it, and my feet barely made any marks that ruined the basic design.

My wing, however, really screwed it up big time.