I have too many quads

So here I am looking at my kit realising that I just have a bit too much stuff…
The question is do I sell a radio and a quad to free up some room?


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You’d just be creating a space for another new quad to fit right into :rofl:


I’ve realised that owning drones is much like owning bikes… and I’m pretty sure Rule #12 applies equally for both:


That may be true but space is at a premium so to build anymore I need to make some room


Just been onto the DJI app and spotted this


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Some people think that the list of drones in my profile are ones I’ve owned. The sad reality is they are actually drones I owned at the time I created the profile. Even more alarmingly is that list is grossly out of date. I’ve always said I have a problem that doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.


Sometimes I think I have too many!

… and I only have one! :rofl:

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I saw the photo of your “store room”
I would not ever even try to complete with you.
My total at the moment is 11 drones. It’s an ace hobby and this FPV has seriously opened my eyes to a massive part of the drone world I had not looked at. I am hooked. As you are. Now more than ever.
When I have got a few (a lot) more hours under my belt I am going to try a build. I am totally loving the FPV and I and absolutely in love with the Tinyhawk.
I do now understand that a very large part of the enjoyment of this hobby has to be the building and preparing of the drone it’s self.

It’s exciting coming from drones that essentially fly themselves to a drone that, ultimately does what it wants to do. Well mine does lol.

I have a long way to go and I for one can now appreciate how hard these drones are to fly.
I take my hat off to each and everyone of you.



Since getting into the hobby i have been able to bring together many of my interests into one. Those being flight, radio, electronics, and photography.

I get equally the same enjoyment whether I’m flying, building, or learning the principles behind a new flight controller. However I do have a problem with procurement. Since DJI released the first off the shelf GPS drone, the Phantom 1, the technology has advanced at a remarkable rate. This results in some chasing the dragon to keep up. Where as for me the market is saturated with their castoffs which I believe still have many years left in them. I consider it my mission to save these no longer loved little miracles of technology from the landfill sites. I still maintain I have a sickness though.


I don’t believe for one second you have a sickness. That saying, if you do, then I have the same sickness, at the moment, to a lesser degree.
My eyes have been opened so wide to “what I was missing” about the drone world.
As 5 said


This what I need.

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If anyone is feeling like they have too many drones, I’m happy to take that stress away from you by accepting whatever drone you want to give away :+1:t3:

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I don’t get stressed over anything pal

Good try though.


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I have too many quads

Isn’t that like saying my wifes breasts are too big ;o)