I’m new !Good places near Coventry to fly

Hi all

I have just bought my first drone, and cant wait to get it in the air.

Where is good near Coventry ?



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Hi Lorna and welcome to GADC

Check out our ‘sister’ site DroneScene

Im sure some members local to you will be along soon to say hello.

That’s Great, thanks very much :grinning:

Hello to you Lorna. Hope you find a few nice quiet places to practice. :grin:

Welcome. There’s a few of us in Coventry. We have a few spots.

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What are you flying? I’m the resident fpv nut! So if it’s a photography drone come to the dark side we can show you the way :slight_smile:

Welcome Lorna

Welcome to GADC and yet another one joins from Coventry! Seams to be quite alot of us knocking around here now!

Hey there

I have just bought the DRJ mavic 2 zoom. I wanted to start out easy to see how I was with it all

I’m sure if i get hooked I will Further invest lol

Hi Lorna and welcome to GADC.

Hi welcome to the Coventry gang, I’m a newby to a good set of chap’s and very helpful

I flew my Mavic Mini around at Bosworth Water Park back in February this year. I didn’t have any issues there but it was back in February on a rather chilly winters day so there was hardly anybody there. But its definitely a great location to get some good views :+1:t2::grin: