I passed my A2 CofC

Well that’s the A2 CofC passed, even have the certificate already and only passed this afternoon. Sadly I didn’t get 100% though.

All I need now is for lockdown to finish so I can get the 2 Pro back up in the air. It would be pushing it a bit to launch from the garden, even though the next door neighbours are ok with it. :pensive:

Out of interest who here actually uses cones, carries a first aid kit and fire suppressant?

Always seems a bit drastic, but then I guess it only takes one incident…


Congratulations :slight_smile: :tada:

always have a first aid kit in the car, but its not near then nope. guess fire supressant depends how much i have drank and when.


Thank you, and for the chuckle.

Well done! I have my test tomorrow! Any tips ?

Rtfq. I know I got 2 wrong on my test and though I’m not sure which 2 as they don’t say I am pretty sure this is why.

Standard multiple choice thing RTFQ.

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As Jimmymac says read the questions carefully, I am sure that I lost one question through this. The others I messed up on were almost certainly on the number of satellites required for 3D position and what to do if there is no mobile phone signal if that helps. I still got 90% though so if you’ve been through the mock several times with a decent score you should be alright.


Well done on the pass

Thanks Darren.

Congrats and well done! I carry a fire blanket in the ruck sack, its light weight and very slim. Also, LiPo safety bags (under a tenner) whilst transporting.


Thank you,

Must admit having seen in an aviation safety video the effects of a LiPo going up, I have been tempted to get some safety bags. Makes me a bit nervous the amount of batteries for cameras, drones and phones etc there are kicking around the house!

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Thank you both for the tips and advice, I sat my test last night and passed. I think it’s the first time I have ever gotten 100% in anything.


Congratulations on passing and well done on the 100%. Good feeling isn’t it.


Well done for passing. :clap: Flying a Mavic 2 Pro from your garden might not go down too well though unless you have 50m separation from your neighbours but you could always nip out out and swap it for Mavic Air 1; then the UK’s your oyster.

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Pao1os Hi and well done, I passed a few weeks ago and know it is a bit stressful… can I suggest put a dear neighbour flyer (letter) through their door, up to a good 50m, tell them when you plan to do it (roughly) and why, not to much detail but you should know having now got the A2, no need for them to reply if happy with it, give them your email phone number and hope no-one does complain ready to go then. Make sure you explain Involved and Not involved, invite them to your garden if they want but ned to wear a mask and bring own tea… ha-ha.
This is exactly what I have done and no problem so far, the rest is down to you to be sensible and stay away from houses if you can, if you cant then perhaps you shouldn’t really be doing it, I have an open area about 200m away at the end of the road, that’s where I’m heading and VLOS and told neighbours this as well… Good Luck and much better than just ignoring the lockdown rules as many "apparently "do and going out flying anyway… try being locked down completely for 12 months… then you have the right to moan… not that I do often…:slight_smile: Cheers

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After lots of setbacks and work commitments stopping me from studying and flying, I finally managed to pass the A2 CofC yesterday.
:smiley: :smiley:

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Well done :smiley:


Well done and congratulations :grinning:


I have been putting off doing my A2 CofC for months, and then the other day my wife said I should have a go, so I went to the UAVHUB and started the course on Wednesday morning.
I did up to 53% on Wednesday, and the remaining part I could do without actually paying yesterday, I then paid my fee and completed the course and booked my exam for today at 1pm.
Pleased to say I passed first time, got one wrong so 97% where a minimum of 80% is required, my certificate arrived 50 minutes later, mega chuffed
Now just to wait for a certified drone to come along, so we can use the benefits of the A2 better


I hope you were able to take advantage of the GADC members discount code :blush:


No never knew there was one oops