I phone 5s cpu warning

I’ve been out doing some filming in the fields near me. Really enjoying learning a new hobby. I seem to be getting a few high load error messages with regard to the phone cpu and then I get a bit of a choppy signal back to the phone. Is this a common I phone 5 problem? Am I in the dark ages? Is there a technique to drop the cpu load on the phone whilst jollying around other than flight mode?
Also had my first real scare today whilst tracking a combine, thought I was well clear of some power lines but as I went up I got a cracking view of a set right in front of the lens. Total sphincter loosening moment followed by calmly trying to reverse away. I think I shall follow practice of no fly in fields with power lines in them. Don’t think my heart can take the panic. Also the thought of flaming drone dropping into field of wheat doesn’t bare thinking about, lesson learnt!





I had the same issues re performance on my old iPad Mini 2 - the processor was only just barely up to the job.

Before any flight, like you say, I’d switch to flight mode.

I’d also background kill all apps, so nothing was running. I also turned off “Background refresh” in the iPad settings too.

Turning off local caching in GO4 also helped.

To be honest mate, you’re on the limit there - and every future release of the GO4 app will only demand more processing power :frowning:

Just fly 10m higher mate, no problem :smiley:

Perhaps now is the time to get that liability cover :wink:

Android for the win :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Less of a problem than on the 4 … the app won’t even install on that. :wink: