I really want a CrystalSky Ultra Brightness!

Boy oh boy do I want one of the new CrystalSky Ultra Brightness screens :star_struck:

I currently fly with an iPad Mini 2 on a MavMount and while the display is a great size it is nigh on impossible to see in broad daylight! No matter how much shade I try and hide myself in, all I can usually see is a reflection of me, it’s driving me mad :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

For a while I debated upgrading to a Mini 4 which offers reduced glare (by how much, I’m not sure) but the more and more reviews I read and the more I hear about the new 2000nit ultra brightness model the more I want one.

Two problems. Well, three.

  1. The price - £819 is common place - Quidco offer 4% cashback on DJI which is better than nothing I guess. That, to me, is a serious amount of money. My credit card is going to get seriously dented, I don’t have those kind of readies laying around.
  2. It doesn’t come with a charger (as it assumes you have a Phantom/charger) so that’s another £50 quid to add on top
  3. THEY DON’T EXIST YET :rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::scream:

Everywhere I look, no sign of them… Loads of people taking pre-orders like Heliguy and DronesDirect, but they all offer quite vague dates like “end of August”.

The plus side though, the sheer brightness and quality of the screen. In theory, it’ll change everything. It’ll also stop me squinting at the iPad trying to work out what I’m looking at :roll_eyes:

Anyone else tempted??

Very tempted but with a new Mavic to feed and taking in point 3 of your argument I won’t be succumbing any time soon.

I saw a YouTube video comparing the CrystalSky and iPad side by side and, to be quite honest, although the CrystalSky screen was noticeably brighter it wasn’t that much brighter.

I’ll add it to my list for Santa.

Hi Rich,

I’ve had a CS 7.85" tablet for a couple of weeks now (not the 2,000 nit version) and it is incredible. It is sooo bright compared with my phone (S7) and my tablet (NV Shield). It just works, no glitches, no worries about Go4 crashing, etc. I use it with my Mavic and Spark and I would thoroughly recommend it. In bright sunlight, well as bright as we get it in the UK, it’s a game changer.

If this is anything to go by, you’d need shades on when using the 2,000 nit version plus this is £250 cheaper. :slight_smile:


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With regard to a charger, I bought these two and soldered in plugs to the charging leads so the DJI plug can be plugged into either so you end up with a mains and car chger for £25.


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Good to know :+1:

Interesting re the chargers too. Where did you get a blank plug from to solder on to the laptop charger?

I had some spare leads in my man drawer Rich… :slight_smile:

There’s always eBay too: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/20Pcs-5-5x2-1mm-DC-Power-Female-Plug-Jack-Male-Plug-Jack-Connector-Socket-New/112373768876?_trkparms=aid%3D555018%26algo%3DPL.SIM%26ao%3D2%26asc%3D45732%26meid%3D4b9daa195d70418e8a6d18b40a3d03c6%26pid%3D100005%26rk%3D2%26rkt%3D6%26sd%3D152251090340&_trksid=p2047675.c100005.m1851

Man draw :smiley:

Gotta love Michael McIntyre eh :+1:

So I’m even more confused now. For some reason I thought the CrystalSky battery charging hub had a bespoke connector on it like the Mavic charging hub does.

But it doesn’t? It’s just a ‘regular’ round pin laptop-type connector?

So won’t any 100W+ charger do? Which I take it is why you’re using this modded laptop one above?

Looks like I’m going to buy an ultra bight (if/when they ever get released).

A mavmount CS adaptor just arrived in the post :blush:

No mate, I cut the lead that plugs into the charging hub which has a round DJI plug on it. Then I put a 5mm socket on the cut end of that and plugs on the two charger cables so I can connect to either of them I want…

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I think I must be the only person who thinks these are horribly overpriced. I’d rather put the money towards a P4 (or a Mavic 2 maybe?).

The only reason I got away with buying a Mavic was by selling practically everything of any value that I owned on ebay :slight_smile: I really can’t see the wife being happy with £900 on a screen that can only run one app and doesn’t come with a charger.

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I’ve got the CS 7.85 (1000 not version) on preorder from heliguy.

Coming in to stock in 3 days hopefully.

I’m struggling to justify the £569 let alone £800+ for the ultra bright.

I went for it because I don’t like the idea of using my phone as a screen all the time, I’d rather have my phone to hand as a phone. I then looked towards iPad mini 4 which was £419, with lots of people complaining of glare and potential heat issues. So I decided to plump up the extra change for the dedicated CS screen. I could have gone for the 5.5" bit bigger is better in my opinion.

Can’t wait to get my hands on it.

I spoke to Sam at Heliguy yesterday, they’ve still not got a shipping date from DJI yet :frowning: He said they’ve taken 28x pre-orders already :+1:

I’ve also been watching the estimated shipping dates on dronesdirect move right up to mid-sept.


Oh…that’s a bit of a bummer.

I’m a bit annoyed with myself as drones direct had one in stock whilst I was making my mind up if I could justify it to SWMBO.
10 minutes later when I decided to go for it, it has gone out of stock and expected restock date is October.

Try as I might I couldn’t find anywhere UK based that has the 7.85 in stock. So I pre-ordered with heliguy. They have the 5.5 but I think that I’ll regret not getting the larger screen.

I’ve both the 7.85 for my P4 Pro and the 5.5" for my Mavic. Absolutely love them.

I rang Heliguy again this morning as a couple of Ultra’s now appear to be out in the wild.

He said they’re expecting a delivery from DJI this week, but he thinks they’re only being sent two of them :open_mouth: and they now have over 60 pre-orders taken already :open_mouth: