I say these drones are quite durable aren't they?

I’ve had my drone since 15/05.
I have crashed it off my roof
I have crashed it into my house
Today I flew it into a tree
It’s a DJI mini2 and incredibly it still flies and performs well.
Just one little thing: I have a iPhone 7 plus that I use for the drone and I keep getting a message saying that the CPU is working at full load and I may get performance related issues. Anyone any idea why this may be and how I can solve it please ?

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Your 2016 phone is running at its maximum performance.

Try turning off local video caching.

It might be time to upgrade :+1:t2:

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Don’t you look where it is going :joy:


Ticks Chris off the list of people that can fly my quads at the Big Meet :laughing:


Could you let us all know when you are going out flying so we can keep well away… :upside_down_face:


Ah. So that’s where I’m going wrong.

Then again it might not. My iPhone 7 plus is still the best phone I have ever owned. I’ll try the video cache fix

Just wait till you see what the current generation of phones are capable of!

They can run the DJI Fly app and do all sorts of other clever stuff :blush:

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