I think I've nearly made the decision!


I’m almost decided between the 2 Pro and the Zoom and I think it’s narrowly the zoom.

I’m going to be flying over water and looking for the best detail, plus we often come across dolphins and I don’t want to scare them.

Main factors are stealth (further away) and close up inspection. The clincher was this info from Chris Monti showing that resolving detail is marginally better with the zoom.

Does this look sensible?

Finally, another question, Heliguy or Amazon? Same price, but Amazon will always refund without any arguments at all, so if it was a disaster, I could change it for a Pro.


… or Hobby Mounts. :wink:

Heliguy …

Hobby Mounts


Oooh! That looks good, and its about as far away as you can get from Scotland!:smiley:


Distance v £100.

I (and others) can vouch for HM. And next day delivery means distance not an issue. :wink:


I know, I was only kidding. I can spend the 100 quid on Care Refresh!

Any thoughts on that resolution table above?


The only thing I’d comment on your post …. you’d have to be really low for Dolphins to even bother. The worst they’d think is “bird” … and they don’t have any fear of birds.


I guess that’s very true, although the Air would probably annoy them a lot more! It’s more about convincing the “crew” that I’m not harassing the wildlife. She gets very worried about that sort of thing!:smiley:


I’m all for not harassing them :+1:

I’ve seen one low over dolphins - and closer than was “sensible” (a leaping dolphin could have gone over it).
That was a P4 … noisier … and they were totally unimpressed - and undisturbed.

An outboard motor - further away - is going to appear far louder to them, the way sound propagates in water compared to air. (Yes - I know you sail - but we’ve all seen motor boats really close to them and they don’t really give a …. )


Yes, you’re right Dave. Up here we’ve got all sorts of RIBs zooming about on wildlife tours and ferries and they don’t seem to worry. I guess if it bothered them they would stay in deep water.

That’s a very good deal from Hobby Mounts. I think I’ll go for that with 1 spare battery for the time being.

Thanks for the input.


That’s a good price at Hobby Mounts.

I quite fancy a zoom.


You took the words right out of my mouth…Hobbymounts !!!:+1::+1:


Your Air would make far more noise than the Zoom or the Pro, so distance would not come into it in my opinion !.


Are they really that much quieter?


I personally think they are very much quieter, and I have no doubts others here would say the same.
At 60ft you can hardly hear the props.


More of a “whirrrr” than a “wheeeee” … is best I can describe my only time witnessing both at the same time.


How do you know when they’re almost home and about to land on your head?:smiley:


Great description that !!


That’s when you feel a draught?, then a loss of hair (if you have a thatch!)!


Yes, absolutely. I was astonished when I first switched over.


Can’t wait. I’ve just placed the order 2 mins ago!