I think I've nearly made the decision!


It’s also much easier to see too


The Air sounds like a very angry wasp complared to the MP & M2P, it really is a very annoying sound.


And cause of that sound,more likely to get shot down !!!:rofl::rofl:


Oh No… I hope my DJI refresh will cover mine if it does :grin::grin::grin:


and, another one bites the dust,
you will love it !!


Haha! I’m sure I will. Funny really, you spend days and days agonising over it and then you want it TOMORROW!
Luckily, I’ve got a busy weekend so I won’t be so impatient.
There’ll be me and the dog sitting by the front door on Monday. The dog always waits for the postman because he brings biscuits!


Well it’s better than having the dog biting his arse!