I’ve been shopping

So I’ve been to Yuneec today for a catch up with the guys… and look what I got…


Well done Turbys9. That table will come in very handy☺


Spot on! :ok_hand:

Be nice to hear your Yuneec stories as you get some flights under your belt

I just needed a new table :joy:

I will give some updates as I go…

Looking forward to it.
Black Friday Deal???But on a Wednesday!

It was much better than a Black Friday deal… :wink:

how much are they?

Congrats @Turbys9 :clap:t2:

Looks a bit more portable than your Typhoon :blush:

You’ll have to update you profile now on the “Drones owned” section there Darren!

Have you flown it yet??

Start at £449 on hobbymounts:

Thanks @PingSpike

I gave it a quick flight earlier today. It’s a great toy… and it’s a lot easier to carry than the Typhoon,

I’ll update the drones owned… :+1:


Looks good. The obvious question is how does it differ from the Mavic Air? A feature by feature comparison would be very interesting.


Manufacturer Yuneec DJI
Max. Flight Time 33 Min 21 Min
Range FPV 800m CE: 2000m (2.4Ghz) / 500m (5.8Ghz)
Release Date 20.08.2018 23.01.2018
Control Range 800m CE: 2000m (2.4Ghz) / 500m (5.8Ghz)
Video Quality 4k (1080p with 3-axis-gimbal) 3840x2160p, 24/25/30p (4K Ultra HD)
Photo Quality 13 MP 12 MP
Weight 480g 430g
Battery Performance 11.4V / 2800mAh 11,55V / 2375 mAh
Size 250 x 187 x 58 mm / 168 x 96 x 58 mm (folded) 168x184x64 mm / 168x83x49 mm (folded)
Max. Speed 72 km/h 68.4 km/h