I’ve found a drone in Brentwood, Essex


I’m in Brentwood, Essex and I found a drone in the woods. There is no SD card and no OP ID. The QR code is on it, though.

Any ideas how I reunite it with its owner? It may not work anymore as it looks like it has been outside for a while, but surely someone wants it back! I posted it on the local “next door” app, but no luck.


I would suggest that, without an operator id (the CAA’s drones reunited section of their website helps there) you will have no chance of proactively tracing an owner. Local Facebook groups or notice in a shop is your best bet then sit back and let the owner find you.

Sorry I can’t help further.

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There’s a drones reunited site
You could list it on that

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Thanks, both. I have now added it to the drones lost section of dronesreunited.

I meant drones found!

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Just been to have a look at drones reunited.
just seen this one which is lost.
Wonder if Lieutenant Colonel Charles I. Halt knows anything about it.




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