I will be selling the following kit soon - [SOLD]

I will soon be selling some of my drone kit as I am taking delivery of a new addition in the next week or so. I have 4 in total. All absolutely mint condition with very little flight time no signs of use at all.

Visuo XS812 as new flown once or maybe twice I think. Ideal starter/practice drone. 6 batteries with 6 specialist USB LED cable chargers, prop guards etc… As new in original box. Unmarked.

Parrot Anafi with 4 batteries their version of flymore as I recall and a specialist 3D printed mount to accomodate iPad Mini and an insert to allow controller to remain open without draining battery and attach a lanyard, sunshield suitable for Sony Xperia L1 size phone, red prop motor covers, leg extensions.

Used Anafi with Sony Xperia L1 ideal for a cheap drone phone and also with brand new iPad Mini 5 only used once with specialist quality padded case with different length USB/Lightning cables.
Comes with original carry case and a top quality hard case designed specifically for the Anafi.

Mavic Air with flymore combo. Original case and a Air specific carry case. Used with CrystalSky and have 2 slightly different PolarPro mounts for CrystalSky.

Mavic 2 Pro with flymore combo. This was the SmartController version but also comes with separately bought unused standard controller. This has a load of extra bits and bobs like SC specialist sunshield, leg extensions, 3 Flytron Cree Strobes (RGW) with 4x3D printed specialist mounts. LifThor SC PRO SmartController mount with FeelWorld FW279 7" HDMI Monitor 4K still in unopened DHL delivery box! Comes in quality M2 M2Pro hard case with room for SC and normal controller and just about everything you need. All my stuff for M2Pro fits in.

I will do a full parts list, photos and video on each of these in the next few days. I didn’t realise how many bits there are in total.

I will be prepared to sell parts individually such as the Sony L1 phone, iPad Mini 5, SC, CrystalSky and the Thor stuff where these won’t predjudice the sale of a working setup.

As stated this is all very well looked after and in mint condition with little use and can come with all original boxes and unused bags/case etc. if required currently stored in the loft.

Reason for sale is simply to rationalise the fact I can’t really manage to give 5 drones the use they deserve and I am reducing down to the new addition.

Please feel free to express an early interest or via PM and I will see if I can expedite the details, photos. Possibly videos might be easier to show how all the bits could fit and interchange so I will see if I can organise some. Each item can come with separate quality fireproof Lipo bags which will easily accommodate loads of batteries for safe transport.

I also have 2 quality in parallel 3rd party chargers suitable specifically for the Air and the M2Pro and 2 specialist connectors to allow charging of the SC from an M2Pro charger connector. Although the SC came as the M2pro/SC package - no charger!

Not really any prices in mind as only decided to get rid today so will be open to offers/enquiries before I get round to Ebaying/Gumtreeing.

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Which CrystalSky is it @johnbirt mate?

I might be interested in Anafi please let me know price when you’ve decided :+1:

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I could be interested in the crystal sky

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CrystalSky is 5.5" has DJI folded metal sunshade which also protects screen when not in use easily removed if no sun. I have 2 Polar pro mounts. Second one was complimentary and has never been out of the box.
I have just taken photos of the CS and will get round to posting them as soon as I can.

Be aware the CrystalSky battery charging is an issue. Stupidly DJI assume you have a compatible charger and don’t provide one. I have 2 connectors which connect a Mavic 2 Pro connector to the CS charging hub which takes 2 batteries - I have only 1. AFAIK older Mavic chargers like some Phantoms have a compatible connector but am not sure. Anyone thinking of getting a CS mine or otherwise needs to check out they have a means of charging it!


Put me on the list for the crystal sky please

Current approx new prices:
CS 5.5" £449
DJI sunshield/protector £32 to £33
Polar pro Flightdeck mount £99 (Amazon) this is older (better? more configurable?) model with interchangeable tablet extender. Not sure if Polar Pro do these now. Can find one on Amazon for £99.
Polar pro simpler current mount just for CS £47 to £49
Specialist charger cable e.g. M2Pro power connection to CS charging hub £9
Haven’t thought of prices yet to include UK postage but you can always PM me with an offer as I can let these go without compromising the Air’s sale-ability which I used this with.

I can sell the mounts separately if required.
Hope this helps.

Withdrawing my CS interest, was crossing my fingers it was an 7.85 Ultra :blush:

Thanks for the details, good luck with the sale @johnbirt :+1:t2:

@johnbirt Do you have two Anafi’s for sale or is it just one cheers

@johnbirt Do you have two Anafi’s for sale or is it just one cheers

Just the one.

Interested in the magic pro combo
How much all in?

Interested in the magic pro combo
How much all in?

@ferdie Hope to get photos and pricing done today. I assume you mean the M2Pro with Flymore package? The version I bought originally was boxed with the SmartController and a standard controller was added later. There is also an unused SC Thor mount with 7" HDMI monitor which was bought to go with the M2pro/SC package so I will have to price all those individually and there are lots of additional bits to go with the M2Pro.
I will get on it today and tomorrow.

Yes it was a typo👍🏼

Unfortunately there will be some delay, probably a few weeks, in putting up items for sale due to unforeseen circumstances.
Apologies to anyone who was interested.

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What price is anafi

Hi John. What are you looking for for the Crystal Sky, MP2 charging lead and sun shield (don’t need the mounts)?

Hi Lee. Sorry Anafi has been sold to a friend.

Sorry Joe Crystal Sky has been sold.

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Hi John. I’m interested in the Mp2 with flymore if you still have it? How much do you want for it?