Iceland trip in May 2023

Hi all

Im potentially looking at a trip to iceland next year for May. Purley for collecting drone footage and maybe sharing experiences.

Would anybody on the forum be up for tagging along?

Costs havent been worked out as of yet.

It’s a fabulous country and plenty of dramatic footage to be had by land or air.

I went in 2003 BD (Before Drones - lol) and would love to go again but sadly commitments rule it out. However, I will add, in case you aren’t aware that it is MEGA expensive there. To give you an idea, a McDonalds Happy meal in 2003 here was 99p (I have kids, ok) … but in Reykjavik it was £7.00. A pint, crispy chicken and fried rice for one was £36.00…

So save your pennies :rofl:

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If a volcano goes crazy … I’d be up for it. :wink:

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Take a look @ianinlondon trips on his YT he has some awesome videos.

He be the best on the dos and don’ts as he’s experienced the highs and lows of the visits.

Cannot wait to see some vids from your trip :+1:

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If you want to see the photogenic drone potential of Iceland, no better starting point than this Instagram account of an Icelandic landscape photographer

Admittedly, many of the locations are not tourist locations, and would need the rental of a 4x4, and probably lots of trekking - but that’s the only way I’d ever consider doing Iceland.

Since OneBox won’t display Instagram properly any more … eg … just a screen-grab of his profile page …


@DJI.Mini.SE.Flyboy Costs once you’re there are literally insane. Even a takeaway pizza will work out around £30. Beer is around £10 a pint and everything else is similar.
I put together this video to show some of the less well-travelled places; there are drones everywhere now and they’re pretty much ignored by people walking past you which is great.
Take some NDs to get some long exposure pictures of the waterfalls. And don’t fly too close to lava :wink:


Thanks Ian

I appreciate the video and the advice. It will all aid me in careful planning just before i go in May.

Thank mate, looking forward to getting the footage.

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