If we had an 'Off topic' category...?

Hi everyone,

Prompted by a recent conversation with @callum allum a few of us have been discussing the possibilities of an ‘off topic’ category here on the forums where you could post about anything and everything.

Any subject could be discussed… Game of Thrones, PS4 vs Xbox, cyclists vs pedestrians, you could have bit of a rant about the price of car insurance, what was on the telly last night, football scores, the meaning of life, etc - all with with like minded people. Well, with fellow hobbyists anyway, I won’t say you’re all like minded :rofl:

With this in mind, a couple of questions have come up which you can all hopefully answer.

First and foremost, if we had an off-topic category, would you use it?

Secondly, what would you call it? As “Off Topic” is a bit boring…

The Captains Lounge ?

The Cockpit?

The Crews Mess?

Crew Quarters?

The Poss Pit?

What other suggestions do you all have??

Hangar 52? :wink:

Should call it "Droning on … " :wink:


Off Duty.

On the same lines as Londroner’s suggestion

Area 51

Droning on sounds like a good name

Droning on sounds good to me too

Some great suggestions here :smiley:

My YouTube channel is called ‘Drone On’, so I guess I will go with Droning On - Even though my initial suggestion was Poss Pit :wink:

I also like “Droning on…” even if it does sound, ahem, a bit close to home!

Area 51


Drone On

Or Even


“Droning on…” was a popular suggestion, so you now have an off-topic, Droning on… forum category to discuss anything and everything :+1:

Who’ll kick us off with the first off topic thread in the new #droning-on category? :smiley: