If You Could Fly ANYWHERE... Where Would You? WIN A microSD CARD!

I have Always Loved F1 and I even workied with Ross Brawn , So Long ago it means nothing now If fact now is Private .

But If I could I would love to fly a Camera drone live at & as the Monaco Grand Prix Was in Progress.

If You Could What Would You Shoot & WHY ?

For the Best by Likes by the 1st Of January 2018 I personally will Give a SanDisk Extreme 64GB microSDXC Memory Card + SD Adapter up to 100MB/s, Class 10, U3, V30 A1 - FFP Brand New And Un-Opened I will ask The Tech staff here to do the Judging so I only get to Provide the Prize . There is no cash alternative.

Edited to add:I have no connection with the Cards Maker and this Is Not an Advert for Them or the Site I have placed this Post On . The shipping cost will be included and the Prize Has been Purchased & Provided by myself.@HE15RGP Copyright apply to the image posted.

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Amazing offer there Roy, very generous of you! :+1:

I’ve been thinking about this for a while before replying…

It’s never likely to happen, but I’d love to go to Alaska.

I love the cold (and I really struggle in the heat, even British summers are waayyyy to hot for me) and I’ve seen some amazing drone videos shot from there of the ice and snow, never mind the aurora borealis :open_mouth:

But while there, I’d get my Mavic up in the air and film some of the Iditarod sled dog racing :clap:t2:

Or perhaps all three at the same time… sled dogs racing across the snow underneath the northern lights :smiley:

This is a really good plan at I think you should do this. @PingSpike

Iditarod ’18 starts on March 3rd 2018 Only 97 day to plan the Outing :+1: You Could Do THIS

And Its Ray, Rich :wink:

This is only 18 seconds long . It needs you to add to this

Anyone else??

You could win a 64GB MicroSD card :smiley:

Probably similar to OP as motorsport related.

I had the idea of running my old p3a around as many localish British racing circuits as I could, but only got as far as Oulton Park.

Full lap oulton park

Shorter visit

Obviously they would have to be out if use when I did it, but would love to go to the Nurburgring while its in use and get some footage :slight_smile:

I must get back to Oulton Park with the Mavic and run the same Litchi mission…

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Motorsport related …
This wasn’t me, but I was there and witnessed it. It was the official DJI drone team that covers WRC.

Two years previously I flew here and “recorded” some excellent action … with the GoPro on the P2. Shame the GoPro wasn’t actually recording. #Fail
Then I was asked not to fly since DJI was evaluating their participation in WRC, and I was exactly where they wanted to be … so I’d grounded them. #Mwahahaha!

Inspire Hits Rally Car

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Ouch! That looks like it might be expensive!

Wow what a Moment to capture it looks like the X5 Camera too (£1,500), having just bought the OSMO Pro Combo I know How Much that cost the owners But What Stunning footage from side of the track.

The “owners” were DJI. They have a team that helps cover the World Rally Championships at all the events.
That means we helped pay for it. :wink:

I have seen them in Action “What A Job That must Be” The Flying was Stunning Also.

I think I could handle that.
Free drones!
Free travel!
Free entry to all WRC events!

Thanks For posting That @Andy_B brings back many happy memories from over 55 years ago which was my first visit and many since. did some real courting back in the day there too.:heart_eyes:

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I have to agree I would find it mind blowing to fly there real high end cinematography drones, I vidoe Shows how stable The Inspire drone is.

This makes my DJI drone purchase sound like a taxation :rofl:

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Chances are, WRC and their TV production sales pays for it. But it’s excellent advertising, so who knows.

The place I would love to fly around would be the Airoplane grave yard in Arizona, just a amazing place to go and explore…

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I spent some of my early childhood at the foothills of Mt Kenya, there was snow all year round but not anymore due to global warming.


Not something that could ever happen but I’d love to fly in the Mach loop in Wales during show or training.

Few hundred feet above aircraft, that would be my dream footage.

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Stunning Link Callum

What a place to shot in Slow Motion. Give My Sony RX10IV a good test of it’s 4K 260 FPS Slow Motion

I might just visit this in 2018.

You say anywhere? If I could…

Well it’ll have to be Mars! Who else wouldn’t wanna check out the Red Planet in all its glory?

Imagine flying over that supposed “face” and capturing it in 4k, just to show it’s just another big rock!

Never say never! We could all be flying drones around Mars from the comfort of our own homes!
Ok I can dream! :+1:

Well he did say “ANYWHERE”
Happy Xmas

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