If you could


I know we had a thread If you could fly anywhere but slightly different

If you had carte blanche with no restrictions no drone code to fly anywhere in the British isles for a day and film
where would you choose and why


Think i would take the golden opportunity to fly over hidden away military bases,used and disused ,plus a few flights over derelict industrial buildings,and of course over Westminster houses of parliament,and buck palace!!Of course i would resist the temptation to bomb all the useless politicians!!:grinning::grinning::joy::joy::+1:


Your not greedy then … the question is in one day that’s a month of Sunday’s :thinking:


Well got to make the most of it,poetic justice an all that :joy:




lol its always closed if i fly over Gatwick :thinking::thinking:




I would love all of what you suggest tbh


I love the urban explore stuff, and spend way too much time on YT watching them, one of mine below


In the UK it would be along the Thames area between Parliament and Tower Bridge. Done a few photo walks along the river bank and always enjoyed, so would love do the same with a drone.

Abroad I think it would be Venice - seen a few aerial shots which look fantastic and when we went there a few years back it was so colourful and interesting, which would make for some great shots, especially under bridges ( big enough for @scorps to get his drone under! :joy:)


Have to agree there,love urban exploration,another one of my hobbies!And of now i have the drone bug,these two can very easily go hand in hand,i will always have my drone with me whenever i find a good explore!:+1::+1:BTW @milkmanchris,love the vid,this is exactly my type of thing,makes me wander weather we could get a few club members up for a bit UE ,with drones,now that would be heaven!:+1::+1:


think I would like to fly around canary wharf have a nose in the office windows then along the Thames to the Shard, over London bridge and along to Westminster bridge around the eye and big ben then over green park to buck palace then over to Trafalgar square the up Charring cross road and just above the buildings along oxford street in rush hour then around the post office tower and surroundings in the night for a timelapse


I did manage to get my Tello under it and I WILL get the Air under it lol


Thank you, and yes lets canvass for someing in the summer

I wont clogg up the thread but here is one from young photograper friend of mine he did for a project at Uni, I was drone flyer and bag carrier (Wistow Colliery, Selby)


Brilliant yes,lets see who would be up for it,and find a good place to explore,thermos flasks and grub a must,or a nice burger joint!:thinking::+1::+1:


Im sure I could get a roomie if we met up somewher in the middle of the country.


Sheffield area has lots of old industrial areas,also some classics in derby area ,or we could do coastal explores,maybe I.O.W ?:joy: Just a few thoughts,i am sure there will be some great areas that will be mentioned!:+1::+1:


Would have to be RAF Brize Norton for me :airplane:


I’m with @scorps, Got to be London, so many places to do.
London Eye, Buckingham Palace , Chard, Post Office Tower, St Paul’s, Tower Bridge, Houses of Parliament , All the Parks, The Gerkin, Trafagar Square, Covent Garden…to name but a Few !


i would deffo be up for and urban explore that really interest me no end.