If you could


Hope the Air it doesn’t get its feet wet, or yours for that matter picking it out of the water! :smile:


I dont mind the air getting wet I won’t chance the Mavic 2 tho
I have a big bag of silica gel waiting :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl:


There must be some Factories or private estates that you would fancy flying around :eyes:


That’s very good; I like that.


I would try a litchi flight across the channel and be first (official) person to cross the channel by drone!


Get the wind right, a Mavic 2, I wonder?


Probably possible Dover/Callais … with additional batteries.

I’m going to try Fort Gilkicker to Ryde … and back … by Litchi at some time. #PushingTheLimit


4,600 Metres :scream:
Nope, won’t do it !

New Grey Arrows Challenge ?


It should manage it - totally still air.

Also - don’t forget that Litchi is pessimistic on flight times.

With the correct VLM parameters, it’s definitely doable.


Whether my nerves will find it so doable is another matter.

Half way //// three-quarter way /// seven-eighth way …. in steps.

Need the weather first.


Follow in a boat to maintain VLOS :wink:


Strobes at night! :+1:


Rainbow props!?


The IoW Air Force would be scrambled! :wink:

Night time is a possibility - far more chance of very still air.


Not that I trust weather forecasts for the next 5 minutes, let alone 7 days!

But …… Southsea … (near enough to Gilkicker! :wink: )



Maybe if you had a Parrot Disco …
Do they work with Litchi ?


Do the Visual Line of Sight rules still apply when flying over open sea ?


If you join the RAF Model Flying Club they have days when you are allowed on base to fly.

Air Traffic also allow flying in a local sports field, however you must phone them for permission first.


Groom Lake


Probably if its still british territory.


Sudbury hall. At sunset. It’s the building from the book tower. Loved that program when I was a kid. I could post on youtube and add the original tune.