IGOW2 Tiny Whoop Comp

:wave: Hey
Not posted in a while, just lurking.
Just thought I’d post in here about the competition im currently competing in, IGOW2.
It stands for International Game Of Whoop and is a Weekly video knock out comp doing freestyle tricks (and some time trial racing) using 65mm to 85mm tiny whoops. If you fail a weeks challenge you get a letter, once you’ve collected all the letters to spell W.H.O.O.P then you’re out of the comp. (Same as a game of skate or horse)
We’re currently on Week 22 and I have a W but im in good stead. Theres only 28 out of 290 people left so its only going to get harder from here!

If you want to follow my journey to the potential tiny whoop sponsorship prize then check my Instagram

There is a LIVE stream every Saturday night where they view everyone’s video submissions to see who’s made it or not. Its on the below YouTube page.
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