I'm back

Sadly my birthday week trip away to Tuscany is over … sadly, a return to work this morning.

This shot is a 20s LE of Manarola in the blue hour.


But, Manarola is in Liguria, not Tuscany. Love CinqueTerre. I’ve walked the coastal cliff-top path from Levanto to Porto Venere.

Indeed it is and I should have clarified… I spent 2 days in the CT and then the rest of the week in Tuscany.

Part of the path is closed at present - IIRC between Riomaggiore and Manarola due to a landslide.

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There’s nearly always some part or other that’s closed … when I was there it created a pleasant 8 mile detour inland and back to the coast … a very non-flat route, too. I think that bit (at the end of a day) was almost 4 hours.

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Bloody Loved Cinque Terre !, when I was on my cruise a few weeks back, luckily spent 2 days there.

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That’s a cracking photo @stubbyd :clap:t2:

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It is nice isn’t it?

I will have to return with my wife to explore more.

Cheers dude.

Great photo.

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Grazie :slight_smile:

You guys blow me away with your pictures love them all great shot

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Thank you. Patience, practice and keep fiddling has been my approach. But in all honesty, I take the photos for myself and if others also like them then that’s a bonus.


Awesome pic, love the long exposure items. Very rude of the sea to move those boats around in the bottom right during the pic :slight_smile:

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I know … how very dare it.

Thank you.