I'm currently flying

Well the Boss rang Thursday to tell me I’m off furlough and back to work on Monday. Whilst I’ve had more time to myself these past few months I’ve been updating, finishing , repairing, messing with my ‘fleet’

Which currently consists of:

  • ST250 quadcopter – my own CF design frame, specifically free-flight, it ain’t going to win any races :laughing:
  • TBS Source One quadcopter – built to teach me FPV/ACRO
  • Mavic PRO – with all the usual extras
  • Sonicmodell F1 Flying Wing – got this second-hand for building a Caipirinha 2 wing for someone, it’s my knock about learning toy
  • Skyzone THEER Flying Wing – built this for long-range but now have other plans, watch this space…
  • A much modified TBS Discovery quadcopter - 820mm, 6S3P LiIon battery pack, CUBE Orange, Arducopter etc…

@GADC_Committee @PingSpike @milkmanchris
I think this entitles me to a “Fleet Operator” badge :thinking: :smile: :laughing:

Steve :slightly_smiling_face:


Get me a selfie with all the kit and I’ll give you a badge

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Ooops! sorry Chris, forgot to add the photo
OP now edited :smile:

Fleet Operator badge awarded

Anyone wanting any info on badges and how to get them


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Thanks Chris :smile: :smile: :smile:

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Thank you, kind sir.