Im looking for a few tools

anyone now we i can find a set of **Hex Screwdriver Bits HSS Titanium Coated Repair Tool Set
do not really wot to wait 2 to 4 weeks for the set and thank you
for the reply
from Darren


thank you i still have to wait upto 3 weeks and i do not have amazon prime but thank you

Guessing its Chinese stuff your looking at from the description.

What sizes are you after?

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You’re probably being too specific on your search terms mate :blush:

What do you actually need? :thinking:

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the sizes are 1.5 & 2.0 & 2.5 & 3.0mm Hex Screwdriver Bit
just to build the drone really

and is this chager good to buy
SkyRC Sch Sky RC Q200 Quattro Charger (SK-100104)

i wot to chager more then one batterys at a time

Ahhh, in which case, something like this maybe?

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Just search for precision hex drivers mate.

You dont need any fancy titanium coatings.

I use these wera ones. Not cheap but great quality and the ball end comes in handy.

Loads of cheaper sets around.

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thank you both of u


This what I use… pricey tho

yes just abit at 46 pound but looks very good

I use these, cheaper version of @anon34183503 ones, just have less posh handles
They are very good, excellent fit in screw head

Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

Am I missing something? Why the dear screwdrivers? Mine are from aldi and still going strong.


Quality tools will last a lifetime imho. Not to mention mine way the same as a prop each! Great for taking to the field!

That’s true enough, but expensive doesn’t always equal quality.

I was once a field engineer in my former life (lol) and had to supply some of my own tools. Back then, the only reliable supplier of tools was RS and/or Maplins neither of which were known for their cheapness. I opted for cheaper variants from ‘other sources’ and pleased to say, 30yrs later they are still going strong.


Things like precision drivers that don’t experience much torque tend to last forever whatever you spend.

I love the Wera stuff. Great quality and priced well for what your getting.

Most of my precision stuff I’ve had for about 5-15 years.

The larger stuff i’d go through a set of drivers every 2 years with daily use.


“Im looking for a few tools”
Well. As one wise old man said to me when I first joined this forum, There’s plenty of tools on here. @sparkman999


Feb '19

There are enough tools on here already…:shushing_face:

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i just orded my new tools today to


@milkmanchris whats happened to sparkman?

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Text him the other Karl, all well just other things to occupy him (PS4).

Gonna meet him after the lockdown.

It flashed up on Facebook that its this weekend last year we all met up down at Rockingham