iMovie for basic editing

Has anyone any experience of using iMovie for editing, might go Final Cut Pro eventually - just like to do basic stuff at first. Thanks

I only ever use iMovie.

Was there a deeper question in there? :blush:

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yep, I’ve used iMovie :+1:t2:

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Thanks for your quick reply, I’m very experienced at still photography (just finished a wedding photography business for over 30 yrs) but video is totally new to me as is flying the drone” (mini 3 pro with RC controller). At this stage I only want to take bits out of the footage etc. I’ve looked at Resolve – seems over complex for what I want and limited to 1080p output in the free version. iMovie seems more straightforward and outputs to 4K although I can see .mov as the only option at 4K.



Thanks I just want t do basic editing but outputting to 4K.

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Yup, iMovie will be all you need at this stage then Vince :slight_smile:

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And if you’re using Apple kit, stick with the software the manufacturers made for their machines

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Hi yes I use I movie for quick edits and a Pc based editor for longer edits, both have their merits. imovie is pretty good actually.

and so much cheaper than others as it’s included with Apple .


I have played with Final Cut Pro using the fairly long trial periods but for my needs I felt I couldn’t justify the cost over what is provided free by Apple (iMovie)

I use iMovie on MacBook & iPad for basic editing. It can also do basic grading, but not that comprehensive. If you do use iMovie, then Handbrake is great for re-encoding to different formats & resolutions. There is also MovieMator which does a good job of sharpening etc.

For final editing and to have much more control over grading etc and overlaying multiple text fields, music & watermarks I use Final Cut Pro, which although isn’t overly cheap I bought very quickly for the added control over the final result

Thanks, my main requirement is basic trimming and cutting (new to this so a lot of panning too fast etc) Ideally would want to output to 4K MP4. I have a self build Win10 pc and a 13in Mac Book pro. I have a 27in Dell screen which I can connect both at the same time as it can autosense which in use.

Thank you, I’ll try iMovie first and see how I get on.

I’ll see how I get on with iMovie to begin with, thanks

When I tried iMovie on my iphone you couldn’t actually reverse a clip, which I wanted. I now use Capcut on my iphone/ipad and DaVinci Resolve on my PC. But I can also recommend the free Videoproc Vlogger.

IMovie is fine, although I use Final Cut it really isn’t a major upgrade when you are starting. Use iMovie to get the experience.

In regard to “panning too fast” - don’t forget that you can dip into the settings and slow the response to the controls right down, providing a cinematic-slow pan, rather than a dash across the screen.

Can we stick to the specific original question, please.

There is a thread for Which video editing software


OK, but all I did was to briefly address a problem that the OP raised in the discourse.