Impressive drones!

Hi all,

I was at the photography show in brum today, and saw these, thought I would share the pics, dread to think of the cost! The first ones 100mp Hasselblad camera seems to cost 31k without lens! The second one seems to be a heavy lifting drone.



The heavy lifting one is pretty cool. Inverted motors with 2 props per arm.

Would love to know it’s lifting capacity.

Edit - Found it.

The INTUITIVE AERIAL AERIGON is the pride of our fleet. With the ability to lift up to 25Kg and having been used to capture the aerial footage of night-time London for the Bond movie ‘Spectre’, this is the ultimate, professional cinema drone.


I can buy three very decent cars for that kind of money :rofl:

You could buy my car for a figure that would REALLY please me … and you’d still have £28k left over! :stuck_out_tongue:

was there not talk of DJI buying Hasselblad?
I seem to recall sometime back that a “buy out” was on the cards.

P.S. Thought so!, just found this: