Impromptu Norfolk meet up


Sorry this is late but we’ve only just arranged it. I will be meeting with @stevedevil tomorrow at 7am by Caister Lifeboat if anybody in the Norfolk area can make it


Looking forward to it, a complete newbie so hope not to embarrass myself


Not at all mate, I’ve only had mine for 3 months so no seasoned veteran here


This is quite possibly the shortest notice period of a meetup, ever :rofl:

Great job though guys, looking forward to the photos :+1:


2 new flyers, might be on the National news yet


It was already underway on the “Hemsby Coastline” thread.


Shame Guys, would have loved to have joined you, but, got to pack for me hols on Sunday.
Another day !!, soon!
Have a great time !!


Hope drone going on the hols too


This is Norfolk mate, I can here the tractors starting up already, some have even arrived early for a day at the seaside …


We will see about a get together @chrisjohnbaker soon. Enjoy your hols matey


@stevedevil, if anything is going to be left at home, it will be the wife !!
Its next to my best friend little “Airy” is !!
Arundell Castle is looking promising guys !!


look forward to that @Paul_M
We definitely have “Style” In Norfolk


Sorry Guys !, could not resist it !!


PMSL nice one, Did I appen to menshun I’m not from Norfolk, I just live here :smiley:


Well, “I wer barn in dinky little town called Aylsham bout tin miles frum Narwich”
and I can speak true “narfuk squit”


Eee man that’s nowt, I’m a geordie!


rather partial too a “Newkastel Broon”


Bugger, missed it! Shame. Hope you’re having a good one if still there.

I’ve got some free time tomorrow if people are about and want to do Impromptu Norfolk, Day 2!

Have a good holiday @chrisjohnbaker! Come back with some castle pics for the competition.


I can do another meet if anyone wants too


Just before a Mid Air Drone Collision, but had a blade fatality too, nice to meet with another Mavic Air User too