Impromptu Norfolk meet up


Collisions !, we don’t have them around here!
we have “mid air misunderstandings”


We didn’t even notice until the end…


could have been a lot worse !
Lesson: when flying in close proximity to another drone, fly at different height’s
and check each others height.


We were trying to see if they would Active Track and the only way to detect them was to get up close… just not that close :slight_smile:


How NOT to do it…

I will have to get back to you on that one Russell, we had to take our eldest to hospital last night and he is being kept in, nothing life threatening, but it depends on visiting, er indoors, and how many spare props I have left :smiley:

So close to losing my Mavic Air in the water!

Did not realise you were filming the mid air meetup.:flushed::flushed:


Having ‘thought’ I’d filmed stuff in the past and hadn’t everytime it goes up I’m filming :+1:


Hope all’s well @Paul_M!


Cheers Russell :+1: he is much better today after being rehydrated and drugged to the max. He will be in for a few days though.

I can do a meet up in the morning as we will be visiting in the afternoon, what sort of time and place did you have in mind?


Im Sure I can pop along too :slight_smile:



You were both really lucky there guys :open_mouth:


I’m thinking Wells next the Sea about 9am? There’s a horse sculpture in Wells harbour for the next month or so & my other half wants to go take photos of it. I’ll send you both a msg with my number if you want to come play.

Anyone else in the area is welcome to come join us.


Sorry Russell bit too far for me with everything else going on. Would love to do it another time and as the wife just said, that’s a proper day out. Maybe next time bud :+1:


Whereabouts are you?


Caister matey


Im in Hemsby most weekends, but looking for a spot to get the drone on the North Norfolk Railway at Sherringham, Weybourne & Holt,


I want to go fly round there at some point. Isn’t there something roman in that neck of the woods?


I was thinking about getting some footage of that train. Ideally I want to get some film of it going along under steam. Could be amazing.


There is Caister Roman Fort as well as Burgh Castle Roman Fort, done that one already


I’ve not done either. I can see a trip up your way sometime!