Impromptu Norfolk meet up


The Caister Fort is English Heritage with houses around it and a busy main road, not that there’s any EH wardens around or anything and I don’t want to antagonise the residents so I haven’t flown it.

Burgh Castle land is owned by Norfolk Archaeological Trust who don’t allow drones to be operated on their property and the walls are maintained by EH. I have flown this one by being just off their land.


I messaged the Railway, and they stated that we cant take off or land on their property, but they do offer a trailside pass, for photography that you pay a small fee and wear an Orange High Viz, and you can walk down the Track etc, my thoughts are to use this and walk to an area that we could move off their land and then take off, as would want the coastline in the backdrop whilst the drone tracks the Train, anyway I think a days surveillance in on the cards to see whats available…


Nice video! I like the shots of the watery landscape & windmill as well.


You have been “Plonkered”! :wink:


Thank you :smiley: I feel so much better now :tongue: